Doublicious is a Light, Silver Double variant.


Signature Ability 1
10/15/25% chance on HIT to TRANSFER 1 BUFF from the opponent to yourself

Signature Ability 2
10/15/25% chance when HIT to TRANSFER 1 DEBUFF from yourself to the opponent

Tips and Tricks


Doublicious works very well against several members of the roster thanks to her Signature Ability, which allows her to remove Buffs on opponents that you may otherwise not want to deal with, as well as passing off Debuffs to her opponents. Her Signature allows her to do well against some more powerful defensive variants (such as Resonant Evil or Untouchable) with a bit of luck by removing Armor or unflinching and taking it for herself. She also works fairly well against teams with supportive fighters like Surgeon General, Icy Hot or Rerun, and also has some ways to work around fighters like Buzzkill or Bad Hair Day, returning the Bleeds she receives to the fighter who inflicted them. Some fighters, such as Bloodbath or Scarlet Viper, can take advantage of this, however.


  • Doublicious's signature ability activates as the match is progressing as normal, so she's not an overly complicated character to use. Using her against opponents that rely on buffs or debuffs can give you the edge in combat.

Key Stats:

  • Doublicious is fairly flexible (pun possibly intended) and the stats you want to focus on will differ depending on the role you want her to play. Primarily, however, I find she works best on offense, so investing in HP, Atk, Meter gain and some defense should work well.