Diva Intervention is a Light, Gold Eliza variant.

Diva Intervention is also available as a Prize Fight reward for getting either top 1-10% or rank 1-10 in the Gold Tier of the Blood Sport Prize Fight.


Signature Ability 1
25/35/50% of the damage inflicted by Sekhmet attacks is regained as HEALTH.

Signature Ability 2
Sekhmet attacks drain 4/6/8% of the opponent's BLOCKBUSTER METER.

Tips and Tricks

Role & Strategy

  • Diva Intervention is an offensive fighter with a Signature Ability that allows her attacks as Sekhmet to drain the opponent's meter and regain health. Through her Sekhmet attacks, Diva Intervention can quickly build up blockbuster meter while reducing the opponent, allowing her to control the opponent's blockbuster usage while making it very easy to spam blockbusters.
    • Her Signature Ability doesn't trigger from the actual blockbuster part of Sekhmet blockbusters; it comes from her normal attacks as Sekhmet.
    • SEKHMET'S BITE > CHARGE ATTACK is a simple but universal combo that easily depletes the meter from opponent Blockbusters while recovering at least a major part of all the player's Blockbusters, including SEKHMET'S BITE itself.
  • Marquee Ability: Either Marquee Ability will work well with Diva Intervention. RITUAL SACRIFICE can be useful to quickly charge up blockbusters that trigger Sekhmet, allowing her to drain opponents blockbuster quicker. Meanwhile, BLOOD OATH can be useful as a safety-net when a mistake is made to get her back to full health.
  • Stat Investment: As with any other offensive fighter, Diva Intervention will benefit from investment in ATK, Piercing and Meter Gain to increase her overall damage output while quickly charging meter for blockbuster usage.

Rift Battles

  • Intervention is a great fighter to use against Painwheel nodes with Don't Poke the Buer catalyst.
    • Without any investment in Crit Rate, Diva Intervention can deal multiple small hits that bypasses the Don't Poke the Buer catalyst through Sekhmet's CHARGE ATTACK and her unblockable Tier 3 blockbuster.
    • Furthermore, Diva Intervention can regain health back to overcome Painwheels with the TAINTED BLOOD Marquee Ability while also having access to CHAOS BANISH that remove BUFFS to handle those with the GRUDGE Marquee Ability.
    • Lastly, Diva Intervention can drain blockbuster meter to prevent fighters such as Neuromancer from punishing you with an unblockable Tier 3 blockbuster.


  • This variant's color palette is a reference to Urien from the Street Fighter series.
  • This variant's name is a play on the phrase "divine intervention" with the word 'diva' used to refer to Eliza's persona as a celebrity diva in New Meridian.
  • This variant's pose is taken from Eliza's victory pose after winning a fight.
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