Daily Events

Here is a small chart to easily check the daily event rotation:

Day Event Featured Fighter Modifiers Summary
Sunday A Royal Audience Parasoul Refilling Blockbuster meter, chance to Stun on Critical hit
Bloody Sunday Eliza Inflict random debuffs, make debuffs permanent
Monday After School Special Filia Permanent Bleed
Ghoul's Night Out Squigly Doom, Wither/Curse, revive a dead fighter once per fighter per match, Regen
Tuesday Walking the Beat Big Band Armor, Unflinching, and Invincible
Days of Future Cats Robo-Fortune Power Surge, Barrier, Buff Steal, Precision, and Unblockable
Wednesday Routine Checkup Valentine Regen, Immunity, filling Blockbuster Meter
Wednesday Night Rawr Beowulf Haste, Enrage/Armor
Thursday Anger Management Painwheel Enrage, damage reflection on Critical Hit
Friday Double Feature Double Inflicting random debuffs
Tickets to the Fun Show Cerebella Untechable throws, increased damage taken from throws, reduce Blockbuster meter when thrown
Saturday Caturday Night Fever Ms Fortune Bleed, Precision, putting Special Moves on cooldown/reducing Blockbuster meter
Saturday Morning Cartoons Peacock Resetting Special Move cooldown/refilling Blockbuster meter

Accursed Experiments

This week-long event resets every Monday. On first completion, 3 elemental essences of a random type are rewarded in addition to the normal completion rewards.

Coins from Dailies

Difficulty Canopy Coins (Daily) Canopy Coins (Weekly)
Basic 22,400 291,200
Advanced 31,400 408,200
Expert 40,000 520,000
Master 45,400 590,200
Accursed - 159,600
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