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Collection is where you can view the fighters, Blockbusters and Special Moves you own.


You can upgrade, power up, or evolve fighters from the Collection menu.

Power Up

Powering up a fighter to boost its level involves sacrificing up to five other fighters. Sacrificed fighters of the same character or element adds a bonus to the experience points gained.


From the Power Up screen, diamond fighters also have the option to be converted into 40 diamond shards, 500 skill points, and 1 essence of the fighter's element (for neutral fighters, the essence is random).


Once a fighter is at their maximum level, you can evolve the fighter by sacrificing a number of fighters of the same character.

Tier Maximum Level Sacrifices to Evolve
Bronze to Silver 30 3
Silver to Gold 40 4
Gold to Diamond 50 5*

To evolve Gold fighters to Diamond, three elemental essences of the same element are also required. Neutral element fighters require one Fire essence, one Water essence, and one Wind essence instead.


Substat Maximum Substat Maximum
ATK - HP -
Piercing 50% Defense 50%
Accuracy 50% Resistance 50%
Element Bonus 50% Element Penalty 0%
Tag Cooldown 50% Special Cooldown 50%
Block Proficiency 100% Meter Gain 100%
Crit Rate 100% Crit Resist 100%
Crit Damage 200%

Skill Tree

The skill tree can be upgraded by using coins and skill points or by using theonite. The upgrade costs do not change after evolving the fighter.

The chart below shows the cost of a fully upgraded skill tree at the different tiers. Note that 10 keys are also needed.

Tier Coins Skill Points Theonite Coins for Marquee Skill Points for Marquee
Bronze 487,000 223 1,815 50,000 550
Silver 974,000 446 3,630 100,000 1,100
Gold 2,435,000 1,115 9,075 250,000 2,750
Diamond 4,870,000 2,230 18,150 500,000 5,500


BBs and SMs are attacks that have a type of cooldown and can be upgraded, with most of them getting upgraded effects at levels 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15, the latter being the highest level.

Some moves are generally better than others, but all of them have their uses. You can upgrade and/or sell Special Moves and Blockbusters for Canopy Coins.


A Blockbuster is a powerful move that can be used by a character for various effects. Unlike Special Moves, Blockbusters are acquired through obtaining enough meter to use them. They are usually a great way to increase your overall damage and provide various special effects when leveled up. Blockbusters have three tiers of meter acquisition with the third tier being UNBLOCKABLE.

Special Moves

Special Moves are strong moves. They can also be used by anyone, and vary between characters. These are ran on a timer; they don't need any meter, just a cooldown timer the player must wait before reusing it. They start the match immediately available, unlike Blockbusters. Also unlike Blockbusters, you can have more than one of the same Special Move equipped at a time.


Catalysts are modifiers you can use to customize your Rift map. Some Catalysts appear as Bronze, Silver, or Gold while other appear only as Gold.

The Bronze, Silver or Gold catalysts include:

  • Standard Catalysts (affects all defenders);
  • Elemental Catalysts (affects element specific defenders);
  • Fighter-Locked Catalysts (affects specific fighters).

While the Gold-only catalysts include:

  • Unique Elemental Catalysts (affects defender of a specific element);
  • Unique Character Catalysts (affects defender of a specific Character type).


Below is a list of the amount of money required in order to upgrade Catalysts, Special Moves and Blockbusters. While all three game elements share the same pricings, Catalysts can only go until level 11.

Every Blockbuster and Special Move is given a number of random substats that varies based on the move's rarity. Bronze moves have one substat, silver moves have two substats, and gold moves have three substats. A random substat is boosted on every upgrade, and the damage, effect, and/or cooldown gets improved on every third upgrade.


Bronze moves are not worth upgrading, unless you lack a silver or gold counterpart. Even then, they are not worth upgrading past level 3, where most of them get a new effect.

Level Upgrade Cost Cumulative Upgrade Cost Sell Profit
1 - - 2,000
2 750 750 2,375
3 1,250 2,000 3,000
4 2,000 4,000 4,000
5 3,000 7,000 5,500
6 5,000 12,000 8,000
7 1,800 21,000 12,500
8 15,000 36,000 20,000
9 23,000 59,000 31,500
10 33,000 92,000 48,000
11 45,000 137,000 70,500
To check the cost of later levels, see the gold cost chart below and divide by 5.


Silver moves, while upgrading these is still not the optimal choice, are much better than bronze moves.

Level Upgrade Cost Cumulative Upgrade Cost Sell Profit
1 - - 4,000
2 1,500 1,500 4,750
3 2,500 4,000 6,000
4 4,000 8,000 8,000
To check the cost of later levels, see the gold cost chart below and divide by 2.5.


Gold moves are, as of now, the best type of moves in the game. It is best to only upgrade gold moves past level 3 if it has 3 good substats you desire.

Level Upgrade Cost Cumulative Upgrade Cost Sell Profit
1 - - 10,000
2 3,750 3,750 11,875
3 6,250 10,000 15,000
4 10,000 20,000 20,000
5 15,000 35,000 27,500
6 25,000 60,000 40,000
7 45,000 105,000 62,500
8 75,000 180,000 100,000
9 115,000 295,000 157,500
10 165,000 460,000 240,000
11 225,000 685,000 347,500
(BBs & SMs only)
250,000 935,000 472,500
(BBs & SMs only)
375,000 1,310,000 660,000
(BBs & SMs only)
625,000 1,935,000 972,500
(BBs & SMs only)
1,000,000 2,935,000 1,472,500