Cold Stones is a Water, Bronze Beowulf variant. This variant excels at offense; attacking other teams in Prize Fights, Story and other modes.


Signature Ability 1
Throws have a 10/15/20% chance to inflict STUN on the enemy for 6 seconds

Signature Ability 2
Inflict 25/35/50% bonus damage against an enemy that has STUN

Tips and Tricks


  • Easy to use as most of Beowulf's moveset consists of grabs, in turn, giving him lots of ways to active OUT COLD.
  • Managing your Blockbusters will help you make sure you have a combo ready to maximize the bonus damage from STUNs.


  • STUN is what makes Cold Stones a great fighter and to profit off that, grabs are a great tool. Juggle finisher, the Special Move WULF SHOOT, and Blockbusters such as LUPINE PUMMEL, AIRWULF, and WULFMANIA are desirable as they can activate his SA.
  • While an enemy is stunned, use your jabs for some more damage before executing a more complex combo, because if you try to activate OUT COLD again while the STUN is not over, the debuff will not reset.
  • Use HYPE MODE frequently, because when it is combined with Blockbusters such as LUPINE PUMMEL, those moves start dealing more hits, allowing for more damage and a higher chance of activating his SA.
  • Use the STUN as a control tool rather than to deal damage. Preventing a TAG OUT or stopping the opponent from using a Blockbuster will be beneficial in the long run.
  • DEFENDING CHAMPION for the Marquee Ability will help keep Cold Stones on the upper hand as he deals damage.

Key Stats

  • Meter Gain is important as it'll give you more uses of Blockbusters like LUPINE PUMMEL and AIRWULF, increasing your chances of Stunning the enemy and keeping them under your control.
  • Attack is always wanted when you are on the offense; the more, the better. Higher attack means a higher likelihood of killing the enemy before Stun expires.
  • If you find yourself in a messy situation and don't want to be KO'd, Defense can be a useful tool.

Strong Against

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Weak Against

Cerebella can be trickier to deal with as Beowulf when not in Hype Mode, as Cerebella's Balancing Act will stagger you if she breaks your attempted throws. Once in Hype Mode, this is no longer an issue. Additionally, Blockbusters that are treated as Throws and the last hit of Beowulf's Aerial combo cannot be broken out of. Teams using Cold Stones should proceed with caution against teams supported by Sketchy Peacock or Surgeon General Valentine, or any character who can gain Immunity as that will prevent the Stun from Out Cold.