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"Ah, welcome! Behold the finest array of treasures, trinkets, bits, and baubles from across the multiverse. Sustainably procured from rift to table, I assure you.

I accept coins, souls and everything in between. What we sell changes every hour. The only question is - what are you buying?"

The Cabinet of Curiosities is a feature added in patch 2.7. Players can purchase various items for Canopy Coins.

The items available for purchase will refresh every HOUR, but only once the chest present on the main menu is manually opened by the player.

You can also force the selected items to refresh for 50 Theonite.

Below, are listings of the items that can be found in the store and their prices.


Item Canopy Coins
Bronze Fighters 30,000
Silver Fighters 280,000
Bronze Moves 10,000
Silver Moves 30,000
Gold Moves 80,000
Bronze Keys 40,000
Silver Keys 80,000
Gold Keys 320,000
Diamond Keys 800,000
Premiere Relics 50,000
Character Relics 100,000
Elemental Relics 150,000


Item Rift Coins
Gold Moves 50
Bronze Keys 80
Silver Keys 200
Gold Keys 200
Diamond Keys 1,000
Bronze Catalysts 100
Silver Catalysts 200
Gold Catalysts 400
Character-Exclusive Catalysts 600
40/100/200 Skill Points 30/75/150
125/250/500 Silver Relic Shards 20/40/80
50/100/250 Gold Relic Shards 125/250/625
50/100/250 Elemental Shards 75/150/375
Elemental Essences 1,500