Bloody Valentine is an Air, Silver Eliza variant.


Signature Ability 1
Regain 5/10/15% HEALTH when either fighter uses a SPECIAL MOVE

Signature Ability 2
Regain 5/10/15% SUPER METER when either fighter uses a BLOCKBUSTER

Tips and Tricks


Bloody Valentine is arguably a budget Diva Intervention. You do not really need to think about activating her SA (unless you need HP) because most of your combos should consist of a healthy amount of both Blockbusters and Special Moves. She is very good on defense due to being able to use BB3s reliably.


  • Bloody Valentine can be customized to suit your own personal playstyle. Equip more Special Moves like UPPER KHAT or CHAOS BANISH for combo extenders and free HP. Equip more Blockbusters like SEKHMET'S FURY or NEKHBET BREAKER to replenish your meter faster.
  • Using Bloody Valentine on a defense team is tricky because the AI isn't very good at optimizing a loadout. However, it's definitely recommended to put her BB3 so that a careless opponent may be tripped up by it.
  • Overall, Bloody Valentine is Eliza with a built-in safety net. She's extremely forgiving and easy to optimize. Either MA works fine for Bloody Valentine, as her SA already covers both options.

Key Stats

  • Bloody Valentine's SA restores percentages of HP, so using moves with HP% optimize her SA to the fullest. METER GAIN and ATK% are also perfect since METER GAIN would mean more blockbusters for usage, which means more usage of her SA. ATK% is important because like all Elizas, her ATK is mediocre.
  • DEFENSE is lesser important, but if you can't get the above stats DEFENSE isn't terrible. Having a higher DEFENSE means less damage taken, which can be easily healed by her SA.
  • Also, despite being labeled as CA (character abilities), Ms.Fortune's HEAD GAMES, Sguiggly's WYRM'S TAIL, and Beowolf's HYPE MODE all tigger Bloody Valentine's Regen.

Strong Against

Bloody Valentine is good against fighters with an Elemental Disadvantage against her and characters that rely on Blockbusters and SMs. This includes, but is not limited to:

Weak Against

Bloody Valentine is weak against Fire Variants and characters with high damage or that can inflict BLEED without using a SM or BB. She's also weak to characters who can inflict DISABLE SPECIAL MOVES or DISABLE BLOCKBUSTERS such as:


This variant is a reference to Faye Valentine from Cowboy Beebop.