Bloody Valentine is an Air, Silver Eliza variant.


Signature Ability 1
Regain 5/7/10% HEALTH when either fighter uses a Special Move.

Signature Ability 2
Regain 5/10/15% SUPER METER when either fighter uses a BLOCKBUSTER.

Tips and Tricks

Role & Strategy

  • Bloody Valentine is a fighter with a Signature Ability that grants her health and meter when a special move or blockbuster is used by any fighter, allowing her to be usable both in offense and defense.
  • When playing as Bloody Valentine, equip blockbusters such as SEKHMET'S BITE, SEKHMET'S TURN, and SEKHMET'S FURY that are easily spammed to gain meter for an unblockable Tier 3 blockbuster. Furthermore, special moves such as CHAOS BANISH and UPPER KHAT are recommended for combo extenders and health regeneration.
    • In particular, CHAOS BANISH removes all BUFFS from the opponents while UPPER KHAT has a chance to STUN the opponent. These effects will be very useful to allow Bloody Valentine the ability to face a wide range of defenders.
  • Defensively, it is recommended to equip as much special moves as possible to easily gain health back and stall for time. However, given the unpredictability of the AI, there are better defenders to use in stalling for time.
  • Marquee Ability: Either Marquee Ability will work for Bloody Valentine as both her Signature Abilities also covers both health regeneration and meter gain. However, RITUAL SACRIFICE is generally recommended for offensive use, providing easy access to blockbusters by sacrificing a weak fighter. Meanwhile, BLOOD OATH is generally recommended for defensive use, providing full health to stall for time but is dependent on the AI TAGGING OUT. BLOOD OATH can also be used offensively as a safety-net to heal back all your health when you make a mistake by sacrificing a weak fighter.
  • Stat Investment: When used offensively, Bloody Valentine will benefit from investment in ATK and Piercing to increase her damage output. Defensively, Bloody Valentine will benefit from investment in HP and Defense to increase her survivability in a fight. Either way, Meter Gain is generally recommended to charge blockbuster faster for blockbuster spam or to punish opponents with an unblockable Tier 3 blockbuster.


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