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UBattalions UBattalions 28 July 2022

Yay, Umbrella PF!!!

Now that Umbrella's PF is out, I'm just gonna use this blog to remind myself and others of things that need to be done either because of wrong information or new information that needs to be added:

  1. Umbrella PF Page (Complete)
    1. Umbrella PF on the PF page (Complete)
  2. Updated Dates on Future PF's:
    1. Fukua (Complete)
    2. Eliza (Complete)
    3. Annie (Complete)
    4. Big Band (Complete)
    5. Cerebella (Complete)
    6. Robo-Fortune (Complete)
    7. Ms. Fortune (Complete)
    8. Filia (Complete)
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UBattalions UBattalions 12 July 2022

Updating the Prize Fights

Hey, not quite sure how to introduce myself, so I'll just cut to the chase: I'm editing as many prize fights in order to keep them up to date. I'm probably not going to be able to update all of them for that gap of time where no one was doing anything with them, but from 7/12/2022 to whatever time I get tired of fixing the pages I will be doing that. Not even sure if anyone would notice, but just wanted to say this in order to make sure anybody with any advice or concerns could bring it directly to me. Thank you for reading this, hope you all have a great day/night.

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ACKLACK593 ACKLACK593 22 January 2021

mmmmmmh yum

i ate an egg sandwich toda y

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Z-WoW Z-WoW 18 June 2020

Reason to Restructuring the Tips & Tricks in Fighters

Hi all, I thought I'd make this blog to explain the reasons on why I restructured the Tips & Tricks section for every fighter. I'll be going through each of the different sections that were previously used as a template and write down the reasons on why they were removed/changed. There are three main things that I wanted to emphasize with the changes: READABILITY (does it look nice to read?), CONCISENESS (can things be summed up in a paragraph or two?) and VALUE (is this information important for this specific variant or is this general knowledge that applies to any variant of the same character?). I understand that this may be subjective point and I am open to any kind of discussion if needed.


I completely removed this section…

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DemonKing 69 DemonKing 69 8 September 2019


13 year old me was wild lmao

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