Beowulf is a grappler who can be described as a “power-play” character. At various times throughout a fight, he will get large spikes of power due to his Character Ability: HYPE MODE. Players will need to tactically take advantage of it in order to maximize Beowulf’s potential.

While fighting, Beowulf's Throws (including Special Move Throws) and Juggle Finishers will generate HYPE. Beowulf also gains one level HYPE every thirty seconds in the fight. Once Beowulf gets 3 levels of HYPE, a button appears that allows Beowulf to activate HYPE MODE for 10 seconds. In HYPE MODE, Beowulf's throws are unbreakable, and many of his moves will have different properties.


Known world-wide for felling the Gigan warrior Grendel and for his illustrious career in the ring, Beowulf had secured himself a spot in the history books as a champion. But a mediocre acting career after leaving the ring tarnished his legacy.

Now, as the Canopy Kingdom faces a new threat, Beowulf enters the ring once more, determined to relive the glory, and in doing so stumbles upon the truth about his past… Will Beowulf be able to overcome this new threat to the city and his legacy? Or is this his final taste of the spotlight?


Character Ability

Use 3x THROWS and/or JUGGLE FINISHERS to enable HYPE MODE. During HYPE MODE, THROWS can't be broken and many attacks feature surprising upgrades!

Marquee Ability: TITLE FIGHT

Beowulf inflicts 5/15% bonus damage anytime his health percentage is LOWER than his opponent's
Beowulf inflicts 5/15% bonus damage anytime his health percentage is HIGHER than his opponent's


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Cold Stones
Cold Stones


Hype Man
Hype Man
Number One
Number One
Wrestler X
Wrestler X


Weekend Warrior
Weekend Warrior
Dragon Brawler
Dragon Brawler
Freedom Fighter
Freedom Fighter


Beowulf Dark Might Card D
Dark Might
Snake Bite
Snake Bite

Special Moves

Icon Name Description
AROO READY? TAUNT your opponent to gain HASTE for 10 seconds.

Gives 1 stack of hype on successful use.

BURST On HIT, inflict SLOW for 5 seconds
GIGAN ARM SWEEP On HIT, inflict BLEED for 12 seconds
HURTING HURDLE Has a 25% increased chance to land a CRITICAL HIT
STRIKER KICK Forces enemy to TAG OUT on HIT, removing all COMBAT EFFECTS
WULF BLITZER 25% chance on HIT to inflict ARMOR BREAK for 5 seconds
Tap up to 3 times (4 if used in HYPE MODE)
WULF SHOOT Command grab. Gives one HYPE stack on successful throw.


Icon Name Gear Points Description
Level 1 Blockbuster
15% bonus damage if used in HYPE MODE
Level 1 Blockbuster
15% chance on HIT to STUN opponent for 4 seconds
Level 2 Blockbuster
25% chance on HIT to inflict CRIPPLE and SLOW for 10 seconds
Level 2 Blockbuster
25% chance on HIT to inflict ARMOR BREAK and SLOW for 10 seconds

Level 3 Blockbuster (UNBLOCKABLE)
If used to defeat an opponent, gain HASTE for 10 seconds

Level 3 Blockbuster (UNBLOCKABLE)
Reduces the meter of all opponent BLOCKBUSTERS by 10% per landed HIT

Hype Mode

  • Moves that are affected by Hype Mode
Move Controls Added Effect
Aerial Tap after Launcher Aerial ends with an extra grab movement, sending the enemy up higher than normal Aerial.
Throw Upside swipe with two fingers Throw becomes unbreakable and gains an extra grab attack.
Wulfshoot Special Movement Wulfshoot obtains an extra grab attack.
Geatish Trepak Tier 1 Blockbuster Ends with another animation, with Beowulf smiling to the crowd and temporarily locking the foe in place before forcing them to the edge of the screen. Allows for follow-ups.
Lupine Pummel Tier 2 Blockbuster Doubles the number of head butts performed by Beowulf (from 4 to 8); number of kicks still 3
Airwulf Tier 2


Cosmetic: If used to defeat the final opponent, penguin referee emerges.
Wulfmania Tier 3 Blockbuster Ends with Airwulf. Cosmetic: if used to defeat final opponent, penguin referee emerges.
Three Wulf Moonsault Tier 3 Blockbuster Final hit deals slightly more damage.


Beowulf generally has a lower maximum combo count than the other characters and is best played as a grappler. Despite this, Beowulf's individual hits deal a ton of damage and can be extended by bouncing your opponent off the wall. In addition to that, he has a unique mechanic called Hype Mode where all his grabs become unbreakable and several of his moves get additional hits and beneficial effects.

It should be noted that Beowulf has two excellent grappling Blockbusters. Grappling Blockbusters have the unique property among all other Blockbusters in that they cannot be blocked or broken.


  • L5 means a chain of 5 normal ground attacks. (Usually by tapping 5 times on the screen)
  • Up or Launcher means the normal move that sends your opponent in the air (performed by swiping up)
  • A5 means a chain of 5 normal air attacks. (usually by tapping once right after having launched your opponent)
  • Grab refers to throwing your opponent. (Done by swiping with 2 fingers) 
  • Dash means a dash attack (Swipe right)
  • Trip means a trip attack (Swipe down once)
  • Charge is a powered attack (Press and hold for a few moments to charge then release)
  • Special thanks ot OozyGamer for the combo video.
  • Just like a real life wrestler, Beowulf loves to bounce his enemies off the ring walls. Which is why several of his combos require him to be at a specific distance from the right corner. Combos that specify (Right 1/3 screen) really just mean that you need to start the fight at one third of the total ring's distance from the right corner.
  • Similarly, combos that specify "corner" need to be started at the extreme right corner when the opponent has no space to move.
  • As a fellow wrestler (and because her hitboxes are quite weird), Cerebella is a nemesis to Beowulf. Several of Beowulf's combos don't work on her.

Pseudo combos

A large part of Beowulf's damage relies on grappling opponents with Geatish Trepak or Lupine Pummel right after they stand up. This in turn can effectively lock your opponent in a long chain which looks like a combo. These "fake" or pseudo combos cannot be considered true combos as they can be broken up with any Blockbuster or Swap. 

However, they are extremely useful and represent a valid, but cheesy, playstyle.

  • L5 > Up > A5, Wait for opponent to stand up, Geatish Trepak, Wait, Lupine Pummel
  • (Wulf Shoot, Wait) x 5 (Must equip 5 different Wulf Shoots)

Standard combos

All standard combos can be broken with any "Burst" move by the opponent as long as they are not in the air or during a Blockbuster.

  • Dash > L5 > Trip
  • Dash > L5 > Geatish Trepak / Lupine Pummel
  • Dash > L5 > Hurting Hurdle > Wulf Blizer x 3 > Gigantic Arm / Airwulf
  • Dash > L5 > Up > A5 > L2 > Trip (Does not work on some characters)
  • Dash > L5 > Up > A5 > Gigantic Arm
  • Dash > L5 > Up > A5 > Wulf Blitzer x 3 > Gigantic Arm / Airwulf
  • Dash > L5 > Up > A5 > Hurting hurdle > Gigantic Arm / Airwulf
  • Charge > Hurting Hurdle > Gigantic arm
  • [Hype Mode] Dash > L5 > Geatish Trepak > Gigantic Arm

Half screen

  • L5 > Up > A5 > Dash > Dash > Hurting Hurdle > Gigantic Arm

1/3 screen

  • L5 > Up > A5 > Dash > Dash > (wait for enemy to bounce off wall) > L3 > Gigantic Arm
  • L5 > Up > A5 > Dash > Dash > (wait for enemy to bounce off wall) > L3 > Airwulf
  • Dash > Dash > (wait for enemy to bounce off wall) > L2 > Gigantic Arm


  • Charge > L2 > Wulf Blitzer x3 > Gigantic Arm / Airwulf (lightweight characters only)
  • Charge > Dash > L2 > Gigantic Arm / Airwulf (lightweight characters only)
  • Dash > L5 > Up > A5 > L2 > Hurting Hurdle > L2 > Wulf Blitzer > Gigantic Arm / Airwulf
  • L5 > Wulfamania > L2 > Hurting Hurdle > L2 > Wulf Blitzer > L2 > Gigantic Arm
  • [Hype Mode] Dash > L5 > Geatish Trepak > Gigantic Arm / Airwulf


  • Dash > L5 > Up > Dash > L2 > Hurting Hurdle > Dash > L2 > Wulf Blitzer > Dash > L2 > Gigantic Arm or Airwulf
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