Beat Box is a Fire, Bronze Big Band variant.


Signature Ability 1
Gain ENRAGE for 3/4/5 seconds when using a SPECIAL MOVE

Signature Ability 2
Gain 15/20/25% meter for all BLOCKBUSTERS when using a SPECIAL MOVE

Tips and Tricks


Very simple and easy to use character, that can dish out a very good amount of damage to his oponents with his Special Abilities.


Due to his SA2, it is best to equip fast specials and at least one BB3.

One strategy in particularly involves the use of noise cancel to stun the opposition and to build meter and ENRAGE buffs for a BB3. This strategy is best used when the modifiers effect special moves, or debuffs.

Big Band features a few fast moves that can provide openings (Noise Cancel) or extend Combos (Cymbal Clash). From there the ENRAGE stack you gain will add some power to your combo.

Please note that you only get the Enrage and meter after the special is finished, so the special itself won't benefit from it.

Key Stats

Attack and Meter gain are obvious choices as they help Beat Box hit harder and synergize well with his Signature Ability. After that, Health and Defense are strong options for living a little longer, and Crit and Crit Damage, while not as useful, can come in handy in a pinch.

Playing As

beatbox sa is all about blockbusters so using as much special moves as possible is the best play, a good combo would be cymbal clash-> cymbal clash-> giant step-> sweet clarinet Beatbox also works very well with Harlequin as her sa with big band sa will allow for very fast BB3 spam. DO NOT use beat box against Bloody Valentine or Poltergust as they will be more troubling for your Beatbox.

Playing Against

Playing against beatbox shouldn't be difficult unless you get bad rng but he shouldn't be a problem because of his bronze stats The best counters to beatbox are

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