Bassline is an Air, Bronze Big Band variant.


Signature Ability 1
On TAG IN, gain HEAVY REGEN and ARMOR for 5/7/10 seconds

Signature Ability 2
On TAG IN, gain 20/25/35% SUPER METER

Tips and Tricks

Complexity: Bassline is the archetypal tank, with a low attack and high HP stat for a bronze fighter. That being said, besides his Second Wind Signature, which can help on occasion, Bassline is outclassed in the Tank department by other variants, notably Resonant Evil and GI Jazz. Lacking those and in need of a good Bronze Tank, Bassline can do ok, but needs some support.


  • As a general rule, try to give Bassline access to regular tag-ins. In the early game, Rerun's Tag In Cooldown reduction can help Bassline get the Regen he needs to stay afloat for longer.

Key Stats:

  • As a tank, Bassline likes HP and Def, as well as Resistances to statuses like Bleed.