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Bad Hair Day is a Dark, Bronze Filia variant.


Signature Ability 1
10% chance on HIT to inflict BLEED for 3/5/7 seconds

Signature Ability 2
"10/12/15% bonus to CRIT RATE if opponent has BLEED"

Tips and Tricks


Bad Hair Day is a straightforward fighter to use, as her SA is activated just by hitting the opponent. While optimal combos with this variant can be slightly different from other Filia variants, as Bad Hair Day is focused on getting bleed stacks onto the opponent instead of getting raw damage, Bad Hair Day plays similarlly to other Filia variants once you get five permanent bleed stacks onto the opponent.


  • Due to Bad Hair Day's ability to inflict BLEED with no prerequisites, she can activate Marquee Ability 2 the most reliably of all the Filia variants. This makes her extremely powerful, even as a natural Bronze variant.
  • Use SM - FRENCH TWIST to inflict many stacks of BLEED quickly, and then cancel that into any BLOCKBUSTER to maximize your chances of converting those BLEED stacks into PERMANENT BLEED through THE FIRST CUT.

Key Stats

HP%, Defense%, and Meter Gain% are the best stats to run on Bad Hair Day, followed by Attack% and Crit Rate/Damage. The HP% and Defense% are good for bolstering Bad Hair Day's poor survivablity, while Meter Gain% is good for gaining access to Gregor Samson and Drill Tempered faster. Attack% is not a requirement because most of the damage Bad Hair Day is doing comes from bleed damage, but can be nice for getting faster kills.

Strong Against

Bad Hair Day does well against anything that does not directly counter her SA. This is especially true in a high PF streak where the opponents have a ton of extra health that you have to get through in order to win. In those high streaks, bleed becomes a very valuable debuff for reducing the opponent's HP reliably, and Bad Hair Day has one of the most reliable bleed SAs in the entire game.

Weak Against

  • Bloodbath Eliza. Bloodbath's SA2 coverts all bleed effects appplied to her into regen. This makes Bad Hair Day's SA completely useless against Bloodbath, because any bleeds applied to the Bloodbath will become regen stacks instead.
  • Any Valentine that has ICU as the Marquee Ability. ICU gives the user a heavy regen buff any time a debuff is applied. When a bleed is applied, that bleed is immediatly replaced by the heavy regen. This makes ICU Valentine variants a terrible matchup for the very bleed reliant Bad Hair Day.
  • Resonant Evil and Armed Forces(to a certain extent). While Bad Hair Day's bleed effects can reliably damage these tanky foes, she can sometimes struggle to put the bleeds onto these two, as she can either find herself getting stunned when facing Resonant Evil, or punishably hitting into an unflinching when fighting Armed Forces.