Signature Ability 1
When the opponent uses a BLOCKBUSTER against Valentine, they lose 15%/20%/25% of their remaining HEALTH and suffer HEAVY BLEED for 5 seconds

Signature Ability 2
Gain 3%/4%/5% HEALTH per second while nearby an opponent suffering BLEED

Tips and Tricks


  • Her SA2's Healing has the added benefit of keeping her alive when she's supposed to be killed by a blockbuster as long as the (Heavy) Bleed is applied on the opponent and the they're near her as she's in her near-death state. Showcase. As long as Bleed is present on the opponent, she's undefeatable.(Not really, range-attacks will kill her)
  • Although it's difficult to use her SA1 effectively to bait incoming blockbusters, its true strength comes from denying blockbusters on defense to make it unsafe for other players going against her. 
  • AssG's SA1 that inflicts 15%/20%/25% damage of the remaining opponent's health is lethal and will kill if their health is at one(1)HP.


  • Due to her comparatively low attack stat, it is a good idea to use Blockbusters and Specials that inflict (heavy) bleeds. This also helps her survivability, since it activates her SA2.
  • Using Valentine's ICU Marquee ability shuts down opponents using bleeds to circumvent her high health and SA1.
  • Sundae School's support couples well in extending (heavy) bleeds for her survivability with her healing.
  • Another Valentine with Trauma Center, her other Marquee ability, can be used as a support for AssG to bait blockbusters and ensure your safety(through Final Stand), and you have reliable healing with her SA2.

Key Stats:

  • HP%
  • Def