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Annie is a combo machine, with a wealth of tools available to keep her combos going longer than many characters would dare to dream. With a little help from her parasite Sagan she also has access to several long range tools that can pin opponents in place and let Annie get back into close range where she really shines.

Annie's Character Ability is indicated by a big circular star button on the left side of the screen. During a fight, this Star Power button will fill up at a steady rate even while Annie is not the active Fighter. Once it's at least 50% full, tapping the button will activate Star Power mode, which unlocks Annie's true potential as a character and gives her several significant boosts while it's active.

During Star Power mode, Annie's normal attacks now shoot stars which can seriously rack up her combo counter, add extra damage to her basic combos and allow her to extend combos that otherwise would be impossible. They also have a unique property: the stars do the same damage regardless if the opponent blocks them or not. Furthermore, Annie's basic throw and most of her special moves are upgraded, usually to allow longer, more elaborate combos.

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To all appearances, Annie is a young television actress and the host of “Annie Of The Stars,” a TV variety show based on the myths, legends, and folklore of the titular character. The show has been on the air for years, mixing live-action and animation with multiple actresses playing the lead role.

At least... that’s what Annie wants you to believe! In truth, there has only ever been one Annie. Cursed by the Skull Heart to never grow up, Annie has been alive for centuries. Over that time, she’s made it her personal quest to stop The Skull Heart once and for all. To that end, she has acquired numerous skills and items, including her remote parasite, Sagan. Even performing on television works to further her goals as she hopes to educate the world about the dangers of The Skull Heart.

Fiercer than she looks, braver than anyone, it’s ANNIE OF THE STARS!


Character Ability

Annie now builds up STAR POWER meter over time, and can activate STAR POWER when above 50% meter. During STAR POWER MODE, Annie's basic attacks produce STARS that deal full damage on BLOCKED HITS, and many of Annie's SPECIAL MOVES have additional properties.

Marquee Ability: EVENT HORIZON

Each SPECIAL MOVE or BLOCKBUSTER used grants 15/25% bonus damage to SPECIAL MOVES and BLOCKBUSTERS for the rest of the combo
Opponents deal 20/40% less damage on each COMBO HIT under 5

Prestige Ability

Annie charges this ability when using STAR POWER METER.


ACTIVATION EFFECT: Annie's STAR POWER STARS deal 50/120% bonus damage.


On mobile devices, tap on the variant text to navigate to their page, not their card.


Star Child
Star Child
Solar Flair
Solar Flair


Galactic Glamour
Galactic Glamour
Triple Threat
Triple Threat
Ninja Star
Ninja Star


Ageless Wonder
Ageless Wonder
Materia Girl
Materia Girl
Timeless Hero
Timeless Hero
Cosmic Rebel
Cosmic Rebel


Model Leader
Model Leader
Fire Branded
Fire Branded
Star Shine
Star Shine
Starlight Rose
Starlight Rose

Special Moves

Reflection Nebula
TAUNT your opponent to gain AUTO-BLOCK for 10/12/15 seconds.
If used to counter an attack, inflict IMMOBILIZE for 5 seconds.
On HIT, inflict GUARD BREAK for 5/7/10 seconds.
Saturn Slash
Forces the opponent to TAG OUT on HIT, removing all COMBAT EFFECTS.
Crescent Cut
50% chance on BLOCK to inflict GUARD BREAK for 5/7/10 seconds.
Destruction Pillar
On CRITICAL HIT, deal an additional 5/7/10% of the opponent's MAX HEALTH.
North Knuckle
Gain UNFLINCHING for 5/7/10 seconds if used with a COMBO COUNT of at least 15.
Gain ENRAGE for 5/7/10 seconds if the third hit is a CRITICAL HIT.


Gear Points
Meteor Strike
Level 1 Blockbuster
50/75/100% increased CRIT CHANCE if the opponent has a fully charge BLOCKBUSTER.
Sagan Beam
Level 1 Blockbuster
25/35/50% of the damage dealt is regained as HEALTH.
Pillar of Creation
Level 2 Blockbuster
HEAL teammates for 50/75/100% of the damage dealt if used with a COMBO COUNT of at least 30.
Gravity Slingshot
Level 2 Blockbuster
5% chance on HIT to inflict IMMOBILIZE for 10/12/15 seconds.
Photo Bop
Level 3 Blockbuster
Transfer all DEBUFFS to the opponent.
Opponents below 25% HEALTH have a 25/35/50% chance of being instantly defeated.

Star Power

  • Moves that are affected by Star Power
Move Controls Added Effect
Re-Entry Special Move Adds a ground bounce to the final hit, giving Annie more combo options.
North Knuckle Special Move Increased speed and distance and adds a wall bounce, giving Annie more combo options.
Crescent Cut Special Move Adds additional hits to keep opponents pinned for extended combo routes.
Destruction Pillar Special Move Allows Annie to air dash by swiping right while the opponent is in the air.


Combo Damage (percentage of ATK stat)

  • L5: 15% > 8% > 12% > 20% > 25% > 30%
  • Launcher: 25%
  • A3: 15% > 35% > 20% > 30%
  • Grab: 50%
  • Dash: 50% > 60%
  • Trip: 10% > 20%
  • Charge: 80%
  • Tag In: 50%


  • L5 means a chain of 5 normal ground attacks. (Usually by tapping 5 times on the screen)
  • Up or Launcher means the normal move that sends your opponent up in the air (Performed by swiping up)
  • A3 means a chain of 3 normal air attacks. (Usually by tapping once right after having launched your opponent)
  • Dash means a dash attack (Swipe right)
  • Trip or Sweep means a trip attack (Swipe down once)
  • Grab refers to throwing your opponent. (Swipe with 2 fingers)
  • Escape is how you escape a grab (Swipe with 2 fingers during enemy's grab animation)
  • Block is a defensive stance (press and hold with two fingers)
  • Charge is a powered attack (Press and hold with one finger for a few moments to charge then release)
  • CA is the character's special ability (Performed by pressing the characters' unique button on the bottom left of the screen)

Standard Combos

  • Compared to other fighters, Annie has a relatively slow dash.
  • Annie can choose to activate Star Power at half capacity or full capacity.
  • Annie can also choose to de-activate Star Power mid-combo to save star power.

Annie Basics

  • L5 > Up > A3
  • L5 > Up > A3 > Trip
  • L5 > Star Power > L5. Allows you to reset your basic ground combo.
  • L5 > Star Power > L5 > Up > L5 > Trip
  • Since all ground combos can be started wth L5 > Star Power > L5, this section has been omitted in all the following combo chains to avoid repetition, unless star power is required.

Simple Combos

  • Photo Bop > Any combo from any distance
  • Pillar of Creation > Dash > Any combo
  • L5 > Up > A3 > Meteor Strike
  • L5 > Up > A3 > Sagan Beam
  • L5 > Up > A3 > Pillar of Creation
  • L5 > Up > A3 > Gravity Slingshot
  • L5 > Up > A3 > Gravity Slingshot + Sagan Beam
  • L5 > Up > A3 > 3 x Re-entry while in the air > *Wait* > Destruction Pillar
  • L5 > Up > A3 > 3 x Re-entry while in the air > Sagan Beam
  • L5 > Gravity Slingshot > Charge
  • L5 > Gravity Slingshot > L3 > Destruction Pillar > Sagan Beam
  • L5 > Gravity Slingshot > 3 x Re-entry > Sagan Beam
  • Dash > L5 > Photo Bop > Dash > L5 > Gravity Slingshot > 2 x Dash > L5 > Up > A5 > Re-entry > wait > Sagan Beam

Combos with Star Power activated

  • L5 > Destruction Pillar > Dash. This basic combo is a bit tricky to pull off as you need to dash IMMEDIATELY after you do a Destruction Pillar.
  • L5 > Destruction Pillar > Dash > Sagan Beam
  • L5 > Destruction Pillar > Dash > 3 x Re-entry > Sagan Beam
  • L5 > Destruction Pillar > Dash > Gravity sling shot > Sagan Beam
  • L5 > Destruction Pillar > Dash > Gravity sling shot > 3 x Re-entry > Sagan Beam

Situational Combos

  • (Right Corner)(Only done as of now with Timeless Hero Annie and her Signature Ability of Infinite Star Power) (Star Mode Active) L5 > Up > A3 > 3 x Re-entry > Sagan Beam > Pillar of Creation > Destruction Pillar > Meteor Strike > L5